Allow me to introduce myself.

Hi, I’m David.

This is the FIRST POST in my new blog, Trekking NI. Exciting, right?

My beautiful wife Christine and I (that’s us in Killarney) love a bit of hiking. We’re from Northern Ireland, a small but richly varied country with a multitude of outdoor walking trails to suit everyone.

Really, it’s great. You should come visit.

Christine’s from County Fermanagh and I’m from County Down. She grew up with lakes while I spent my childhood in the shadow of the Mourne Mountains. And I’ve only recently developed a real love for them and all they have to offer for those willing to hike them.

Hence this blog.

If you enjoy getting outdoors, stretching your legs and taking in a bit of stunning natural scenery, please keep an eye on what happens here. My intention is to post regularly and creatively on walking and hiking in Northern Ireland, and I’ll hopefully have a few other contributors on board too.

Get in touch if you want to share a story, some hiking advice, or maybe even a few photos. Let’s grow this together and make it a fun stop-off for prospective hikers in Northern Ireland.

Many thanks, and watch this space!

~ David



2 comments on “Allow me to introduce myself.

  1. Hi David, thank you for following George McNeill Photography. Looking forward to following your blog, looks interesting.
    All the best,

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