Favourite Trek: Louisa Hanna


My name is Louisa – I’m 23, originally from Kilkeel, but currently living in Portadown. Over the past year I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to intern in a local church, working mostly alongside young people, seeking to point them to Jesus whilst also learning myself what it looks like to know and follow Jesus in the everyday and ordinary of life.

Favourite trek

The view from Doan

Living in and around the Mournes, it is no surprise that my favourite walk is found there. Doan is maybe one of the less known mountains in the Mournes but no less beautiful than any of the others. Initially, I thought it was just another mountain to tick of the list – but soon fell in love with the simplicity of the walk and the beauty of the creation that surrounds it.

Best time to go


En route

Really I think this walk is suitable at any time of the year and equally beautiful right through each of the different seasons, but definitely for me the most enjoyable was an early morning hike back in May of this year.

This trek’s for you if…


Lough Shannagh

This is definitely a hike that is suitable both for the casual walker or the more seasoned hiker. It’s relatively straightforward with a path that leads almost to the very top and takes probably around an hour there and maybe a little less coming back.

Why it’s my favourite


We made it!

Why do I love this walk? I think what makes this walk stand out from others is its location. It’s a walk that isn’t overly strenuous or time consuming, but still allows you to experience in all its fullness the beauty of God’s creation. In a very short space of time this walk takes you into what seems like the heart of the Mournes – it’s quiet and peaceful and on every side there is something to beautiful to see.


Bring supplies – no hike is complete without sandwiches, chocolate and a flask of tea.

Many thanks, Louisa!

‘Favourite Trek’ posts are written by ordinary people who simply enjoy walking or hiking – if you’d like to contribute one, just get in touch.


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