LECALE WAY (30th October 2021)

On Halloween Eve, Trekking NI toured the Lecale Way on what was a magnificent autumn morning. The Lecale landscape basked in glorious sunshine presenting the most delightful scenes. We met up in a tranquil Ardglass town and walked the countryside roads to Killough coastline heading towards St. Johns Point. We sat at the coastal rocks enjoying the seaview, snacks and a chat. We advanced further along the coastline with the gentle song of the sea waves aside us. The coastline offered a few climbing opportunities and was plentiful in awe-inspiring scenery. We stood before St John’s Point and circled back to Killough where a local resident declared “every day is a Saturday”. Sharing this sentiment, we stopped in the town to hang out in the picnic area before continuing our carefree saunter back to Ardglass.

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