Mount Errigal (13th November 2021)

Mount Errigal awaited Trekking NI on a misty November morning standing majestically before us wearing a crown of clouds. Errigal challenged us with extensive swampland softened by the touch of the morning dew. Some elegantly navigated around the swamp whilst others embraced the mud. We emerged from the wetland and were greeted with a colourful stone path that guided us beyond the mist to the summit of Errigal. Together we stood upon the peak and were granted mystical translucent views of the surrounding landscape. The sun illuminated the haze which lay as a sea of silver on the surrounding mountain tops. We tracked back a little to enjoy lunch on the slope away from the wind before returning to the mist as we wandered towards Mackoght. The ascent of Mackoght displayed a beautiful textured landscape. The peak stood alone in the mist but was brought to life by the laughter of hikers. We then descended back into a more complex swampland than before as we made our way to our journeys end. We spent our day under a silver sky and the company was pure gold. Trekking NI will be back!!

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