Mountaineering Skills (20th -21st November 2021)

Five members of Trekking NI participated in a Mountaineering Ireland skills programme. We learned to use a compass, map reading and take a bearing from a map. We practised distancing and pacing too which positions us to plan a hike. We then turned out the lights and done it all in the dark. We were shown how hazardous and misleading the dark can be especially in the mist but also how magical an experience night navigation could be with appropriate preparation and navigation skills. We retired to The Mourne Lodge where we spent the night. The next day we focused more on reading contours to interpret the landscape. This was an insightful course and those who participated will be keen to put into practice the skills they learned whilst navigating their own adventures. Trekking NI hope to get more club members involved in the navigation skills programme.

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