Northern Mournes (22nd January 2022)

Meeting at Meelmore Lodge, Trekking NI toured the Northern Mournes. We trekked Slievenaglough, Slieve Corragh, Slieve Commedagh, Shan Slieve and Luke’s Mountain. The three groups set off each on their own adventure. We elegantly crossed Trassey River followed by an enthusiastic climb up a green path up to Slievenaglough. We then marched straight to the peak of a misty Slieve Corragh before conquering Slieve Commedagh. Next up was Shan Slieve where we sat for lunch with a calming sea view. We descended into the Pot of Legawherry with a really fun and challenging trek along the steep slope of Shan Slieve. We then journeyed to Luke’s Mountain getting great views of the of the velvet blue ocean adjacent Newcastle town. We then descended through a nettle maze towards Trassey River on our return to Meelmore Lodge where we sat together on the benches before going our separate ways. Some group members were gaining experience in leading a hike and were successful in leading our first off the track hike of 2022!

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