The Blue Lough (05th March 2022)

Arriving at the heavenly Carrick Little, Trekking NI set off on a journey featuring Slieve Binnian, Silent Valley and the Blue Lough. We trekked along the rocky path towards Binnian. Ahead of us the beauty of the Mournes were on full display basking in the sun under a blue sky. Behind us the ocean lay still glistening under the gaze of the sun painting the most tranquil picture. There was a constant cool breeze as we ascended Slieve Binnian though we kept warm whilst on the move. Some of the water on the slopes was frozen. We veered round the summit of Binnian where we stopped for some snacks. We then began a steep descent down a very porous and slippery surface taking us to the foot of Wee Binnian. From here we made a decent towards Silent Valley following Ardley River. The flow of the river and its little waterfalls were an auditory delight. The terrain offered puzzles for us to solve with a barbed wire fence declaring check mate at the end however our intellectual prowess saw us through the challenge. Soon after we sat beside Slieve Binnian Tunnel for a peaceful lunch. Next up was a stroll up the tarmac path to the majestic Ben Crom Dam which displayed mesmerising waterfalls. We climbed the everlasting steps and stood upon the dam taking a moment to appreciate our surrounds. A trail from the dam led us upward between the valley of Slieve Binnian and Slieve Lamagan to the Blue Lough. From the lough, we continued the trail with a chilled saunter back to the serene Carrick Little. This hike was filled with adventure, inspiring views and positive vibes. A perfect start to Spring 2022!

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