Dromora Hills (19th March 2022)

Commencing at The Windy Gap Car Park, Trekking NI journeyed into the Dromara Hills seeking out Legananny Mountain and Slieve Croob. A mischievous wind passed through the car park as we were getting ready to set off. Just down the road, we entered a trail known as the Windy Gap Pad. The high hedges either side of the trail shielded us from the wind as we journeyed towards Legananny Road. There were openings along the trail that revealed the beauty of the countryside. From Legananny Road, we entered Dolmen Road that led us to the Legananny Dolmen (portal tomb). Onwards we went along a trail that led us to Legananny Mountain. The mountain presented a steep climb as it stood under the blue sky and the golden glass on the slope gleamed in the sunshine. Fields of green surrounded the mountain and even the constant wind could not distract from the peaceful picture the countryside presented. At the summit of Legananny, the wind was energised though we found shelter at the slope facing away from the wind to get some snacks. We then descended the mountain following a trail onto the country roads finding our way to Slieve Croob Car Park. From here we walked up the tarmac path to the summit of which offered amazing views of the surrounding countryside and The Mourne’s stood tall on the horizon. After lunch on Croob, we descended back onto the country roads heading for Kilnhill Road taking on a delightful trek back to Windy Gap. The colourful scenery was inspiring, the peacefulness of the route was blissful and the spirit of the group was charming. This hike was a real gem that would coax anybody to fall in love with the countryside.

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