The Robbers Tables (16th April 2022)

Trekking NI gathered on Easter eve embracing the soothing ambience of Gortin Glen Forest Park. We trekked along forest roads surrounded by vibrant green grass at the foot of the spectacular algae coated trees. We followed a steep path up Curraghchosaly Mountain offering impressive views along the way as we reached the peak. Onwards we travelled over towards Ballynatubbnit Mountain along soft terrain that cushioned every footstep and the company was just as gentle. Sawel and Dart of The Sperrins could be seen afar as we approached Ballynatubbnit. We found a place sheltered from the wind for food and the soft heathland was as comfy as a sofa. We sat talking together and learned about the Miles for Malawi project. After our break, we ventured towards “The Robbers Tables” overcoming a few barbed wire obstacles along the way. Adjacent The Robbers Tables, we descended along a rich green trail towards a small pleasant farmyard. From here we trekked along a nice country road leading us back to Gortin Glen Forest Park which hosted a contrasting scene to that of the morning. The forest park was alive with the joy of little Easter Egg hunters and some live music. Just away from the crowds, Trekking NI held their own private party to celebrate the birthday of our Hiking Coordinator and friend Matt. The group spent time together by a table with Birthday Cake and heard funny stories of how a can do attitude can save fallen cakes. Following our mini party, we then set off for a steep trek up the scenic Mullaghcarn path benefiting from more amazing views and nice conversations along the way. This was a wonderful hike filled with nice memories and a further testament to the beauty of Tyrone.

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