Slieve Donard (25th June 2022)

Trekking NI assembled at Bloody Bridge car park before journeying to the summit of The Mourne’s highest peak Slieve Donard. The group travelled the trail adjacent the epic Bloody Bridge River towards the Quarry Track. The trail we followed was surrounded by lush greenery presenting a visually pleasing scene. The river flowed beside us with its calming song and series of awesome waterfalls. We enjoyed an entertaining stepping stone river crossing to reach the Quarry Trek. The sea view behind us was amazing and we took an opportunity to appreciate it as we ascended the Quarry Trek. At the end of the trek we reached an impressive quarry featuring a lonesome waterfall. We continued further on and had tea break sitting on some rocks just before the Bog of Donard. After break, we approached Slieve Donard as it stood before us wearing a grey crown as it so often does. We had a good pace up Donard as the wind blasted against us even testing our balance. Inside the cloud at the peak we took cover at The Mourne Wall from the powerful wind and had some lunch. Afterward we descended out of the mist towards the Brandy Pad in search for more favourable conditions. It was here we stopped for a short break again taking shelter at the wall from the relentless wind as were many other hikers. From here we trekked across to the Bog of Donard battling through the wind in the process. As we began our descent towards Bloody Bridge River, the winds softened their roar and the sunshine was out in all its glory giving the landscape a new vibrance. The sea view was amazing in the sunshine as we returned to Bloody Bridge Car Park. This was a great easy to navigate hike with beautiful scenery, challenging weather and fun chats.

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