SCRABO TOWER (21st Jan 2023)

Trekking NI met up at the Londonderry Pavillion for a leisurely outing to Scrabo Tower. The group followed a creative 18km route that began along a coastal path with a presentation of awesome views along Strangford Lough. The journey continued along a peaceful countryside road leading to Long Island from where the group ventured out to Rough Island. Irony is in the name as a stroll around the little island provides the most gentle experience being surrounded by soothing sounds of bird songs to the backdrop of calming water rhythms. The journey continued with an inspiring countryside experience followed by an active climb of the charming Killynether Forest from where the beauty of the vast rural landscape could be appreciated. On reaching the impressive Scrabo Tower, the group took in views of the urban settlement below. This was an enjoyable outing during which stories of the area where shared and sightings of the local wildlife were enjoyed. Encounters with the ice spiced things up on occasion but the group lived to tell the tale of what was a nice day out.

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