SPELGA SKYLINE (18th Feb 2023)

Commencing at Deers Meadow Car Park Trekking NI set off to tour the spectacular Spelga Skyline. We began our trek following the Whitewater River negotiating our way along the saturated terrain. The views were translucent as a mist slowly drifted through the peaceful valley. We arrived at the meandering Pigeon Rock Mountain trail that guided us towards the summit. By a cliff face we had morning break seated upon our rocky thrones enjoying the views beneath the cloudy hat that Slieve Muck wore. We took a bearing before entering the cloudy abyss resting upon the summit of Pigeon Rock Mountain. The compass was our shepherd as we advanced along the rugged plateau battling the wind. The Mourne Wall appeared as a shadow as we approached. Along the wall our two explorers waited for us and we made our second wish to the compass before descending Pigeon. We were pointed to Cock Mountain. As we descended the sun had brightened the valley and the mist departed revealing Spelga Dam to our right. We wisely avoided the marsh finding a green grass trial to the summit of Cock Mountain. It was here that we had lunch before travelling across for a fun climb Slievenamisken. The steep descent was also a fun challenge. We saw a large mountain hare enjoying life on the slope too as it galloped down. We made it to the dam car park to begin a 2km trek along an extensive swamp. Using all our creativity we made our way across the swamp splashing, climbing, falling and giggling along the way. It was quite the workout but we persevered. This was a great hike with a flavour of adventure and enjoyed by all.

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