SPENCE’S MOUNTAIN (04th Mar 2023)

Before the Gates of Dunnywater Trekking NI demonstrated a skilled display of compact parking before setting of on a memorable adventure of Spence’s Mountain, Chimney Rock Mountain and Slieve Donard. A short walk down the country road brought us to a trail leading to the foot of Seafin. The trail was illuminated by the bloom of the yellow flowered shrubs at each side. We climbed, ducked and sidestepped our way through the periphery of the charming wood that decorated the hill slope. Creativity saw us over a gate in the wall from where we followed a steep meandering trail that took us near Spence’s River as we ascended. We did not forget to appreciate the beautiful ocean view behind us. The silver ocean appeared as one with the cloudy sky as it lay calmly as far as the horizon. The mountain air was also at peace giving a pleasant ambience as we advanced. Across the river we began to climb through the heather jungle that rested upon the slope of Spence’s Mountain. The views of the coastline were amazing. We advanced to a spot attaining clear views of the Mourne’s in all their majesty. We advanced further up Chimney Rock Mountain and stumbled upon the old plane wreckage becoming amateur historians in the process. Onwards we were in awe on encountering the mammoth rocks that crowned the mountain. A trail lead us to the Bog of Donard where every squishy footstep was a gamble. A nice encounter with our other group energised us for a challenging climb of Slieve Donard. Spring had not reached the peak of Donard. It’s snowy crown presented a scenic winter wonderland. Icicles hung from the Mourne Wall and the relentless nip in the air saw us shiver our way through lunch. We descended Donard in to return to the Spring climate below. Locomotion across the Brandy Pad was brisk and we were back at the Bog of Donard were we joyfully hopped our way along the swamps. The beautiful scenery on our return journey soothed us from the enduring demand of the hike and the home straight via Annalong Wood was a delight. This was a great journey to share with the group providing fun adventure with pleasant memories.

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