About Us

Trekking NI is a hiking club which has been established by its members, for its members. The club’s purpose is to create safe, structured access for its members to mountainous, countryside and coastal areas across NI and beyond, promoting both physical and mental wellbeing through exercise. 

At its core, our hiking club is a community of like minded people from a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures and capabilities who enjoy the adventure of the great outdoors. Our club ethos enables its members to easily become part of our club by being themselves developing and enjoying friendship, laughter and fun whilst exploring together.

At the beginning of the year, Trekking NI develops a walk programme illustrating the various hikes which the club plan to complete during the incoming year. We always aim to facilitate three different capability groups; an A, B and C group on each of the scheduled hikes.

Each group hike is planned to consider the mountain grading, the distance and duration of the hike. This enables the walk guides to manage the varying capabilities across all of groups.

As a Club we are invested in developing our members mountain skills, knowledge and abilities contributing to the improvement of individual confidence, competence and safety when hiking.

Anyone interested in joining Trekking NI will be offered the opportunity to avail of two free taster session hikes before being required to formally join. The taster session hikes will always be completed in the C Group. This will allow for an assessment to be made by the walk guide as to the individual mountain capability and for allocation to the most appropriate hike group thereafter.

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