Trekking NI made a return to their beloved Mourne Mountains on a fresh February morning. The group congregated at the serene Carrick Little. The menacing cold breeze could not distract from the amazing sea view that lay afar. We set off along the Blue Lough Trail where we were greeted with inspiring views of theContinue reading “SLIEVE BEG, COVE & SLIEVELAMAGAN (04th Feb 2023)”

The Blue Lough (05th March 2022)

Arriving at the heavenly Carrick Little, Trekking NI set off on a journey featuring Slieve Binnian, Silent Valley and the Blue Lough. We trekked along the rocky path towards Binnian. Ahead of us the beauty of the Mournes were on full display basking in the sun under a blue sky. Behind us the ocean layContinue reading “The Blue Lough (05th March 2022)”

Annalong Valley (5th February 2022)

Arriving at Carrick Little we set off down Head Road towards Dunnywater at the bottom of Annalong Wood. The trees were brought to life by the passing wind which relayed a soothing whisper. We emerged from the wood and followed the Mourne Wall to guide us towards Rocky Mountain. As we climbed Rocky, a silveryContinue reading “Annalong Valley (5th February 2022)”

MOURNE WEEKEND: Mourne Wall Part 2 & The Mourne Cottages (18th Sept 2021)

On a mid Spetember Weekend, the Mournes were illuminated and comforted by the warmth of the sunshine to welcome Trekking NI back for another go at the Mourne Wall! The A group met up at Carrick Little which gazed into a heavenly blue ocean that appeared to become one with the sky on the horizon.Continue reading “MOURNE WEEKEND: Mourne Wall Part 2 & The Mourne Cottages (18th Sept 2021)”