Ben Crom (17th September 2022)

Trekking NI arrived at a colourful Meelmore Lodge under a blue sky complete with golden sunshine illuminating the rich green fields that surrounded the area. A day so nice that even the moon elected to appear. The cooler temperature was a reminder that Autumn is nearing but the summer vibrancy of the landscape was stillContinue reading “Ben Crom (17th September 2022)”

MOURNE WEEKEND: Mourne Wall Part 2 & The Mourne Cottages (18th Sept 2021)

On a mid Spetember Weekend, the Mournes were illuminated and comforted by the warmth of the sunshine to welcome Trekking NI back for another go at the Mourne Wall! The A group met up at Carrick Little which gazed into a heavenly blue ocean that appeared to become one with the sky on the horizon.Continue reading “MOURNE WEEKEND: Mourne Wall Part 2 & The Mourne Cottages (18th Sept 2021)”