Slieve Donard (25th June 2022)

Trekking NI assembled at Bloody Bridge car park before journeying to the summit of The Mourne’s highest peak Slieve Donard. The group travelled the trail adjacent the epic Bloody Bridge River towards the Quarry Track. The trail we followed was surrounded by lush greenery presenting a visually pleasing scene. The river flowed beside us withContinue reading “Slieve Donard (25th June 2022)”

MOURNE WEEKEND: Mourne Wall Part 2 & The Mourne Cottages (18th Sept 2021)

On a mid Spetember Weekend, the Mournes were illuminated and comforted by the warmth of the sunshine to welcome Trekking NI back for another go at the Mourne Wall! The A group met up at Carrick Little which gazed into a heavenly blue ocean that appeared to become one with the sky on the horizon.Continue reading “MOURNE WEEKEND: Mourne Wall Part 2 & The Mourne Cottages (18th Sept 2021)”