SLIEVE GULLION (18th Mar 2023)

Trekking NI travelled to explore the historic Slieve Gullion on a wet and misty morning. The pleasant charms of the forest were far greater than the unpleasantries of the wet weather. The forest trail was complimented with the vibrant colour of the green algae that coated the trees, the amber leaves that carpeted the forestContinue reading “SLIEVE GULLION (18th Mar 2023)”

RING OF GULLION (4th September 2021)

Trekking NI travelled to the historic Ring of Gullion in Armagh. We began in the charming Slieve Gullion Forest and ascended up Slieve Gullion. At the peak, we entered the famed passage tomb before heading to the mysterious Calliagh Berra’s Lake where the A and B groups met for lunch. Following lunch both groups partedContinue reading “RING OF GULLION (4th September 2021)”