Check out our hike of Slievemeen, Knockshee and Slievemartin sarting at Kilbroney Forest. We trekked through the charming forest heading towards Fiddlers Green before following a trail guiding us up towards Cloughmore Stone. From here we ascended the short but steep slope of Slievemeen and the views of Carlingford Lough behind us were amazing. We followed the trail towards Slievemartin and crossed over the lower stile making our way across Slievefadda and to arrive at Knockshee battling a relentless wind along the way. The the rain nipped at us as it was intensified by the wind. Upon Knoockshee we were presented with great views of a silver ocean. Taking shelter from the wind at the inward facing slope, we had lunch before journeying across to Slievemartin from where we journeyed back to the forest following the Cloughmore Trail. This was a great hike featuring a pluralism of the wonderful things that make the outdoors so great and a pleasant experience with nature.

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