Ben Crom (17th September 2022)

Trekking NI arrived at a colourful Meelmore Lodge under a blue sky complete with golden sunshine illuminating the rich green fields that surrounded the area. A day so nice that even the moon elected to appear. The cooler temperature was a reminder that Autumn is nearing but the summer vibrancy of the landscape was still present. The journey began crossing Meelmore Bog before meandering around Slieve Meelmore and then around Slieve Bernagh before summiting Ben Crom. As the group advanced towards Ben Crom the terrain became more adventurous. Upon the summit the group enjoyed epic views of Ben Crom Reservior as it lay peacefully before them. The adventure continued with a descent through the fern jungle as the group approached the reservoir. The trek continued adjacent the reservoir as the group aimed for Hare’s Gap. Along the way, the soothing sound of the water could be heard as it gently touched the foot of Ben Crom Mountain. The symphony was complete with the flowing water of the nearby rivers and waterfalls. After joining the Brandy Pad Path the group followed the scenic trail to Hare’s Gap from where they descended back into Meelmore. This was a great hike featuring epic views and an adventure through some challenging terrain.

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